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Treatment can be permanent or designed to fade over a few years.  The best choice for you can be discussed at the consultation.

Permanent pigments will gradually fade, permanent pigments once healed will be stable in the skin.  Permanent work may need more work if you continue to loose hair in new areas.

Yes, treatment area will be tailored to match your natural hair colour/depth.

The work is superficial in the skin, most clients feel a ‘scratching’ sensation but it isn’t described as painful.

The risk of this is extremely small but a pigment patch test is offered before treatment goes ahead.

Others are only likely to know if you choose to tell them.  They may comment that you look good, but they cant put their finger on why!  The treatment area and areas of real hair will be matched so well that people wont be able to tell what you’ve done.

Grey hair the combination of white hairs mixed in with your original hair colour. Recommendations will differ depending on your level of thinning, percentage of white hair and your hair length.  The consultation will help determine what options are available to you, and what the long-term considerations should be.

Percentage of white hair within your mixture of hair colours will make a difference to the recommendation.  Some other factors like area to be treated and if you have long or short hair may also be a consideration to be discussed at consultation.

Yes in some instances.  The type of alopecia, the speed of progression and position of treatment area will need to be discussed at consultation.

You may wish to have additional sessions to blend additional areas if hairline continues to move.

Yes it is possible to make gaps or scars in beards and sideburns less noticeable.

During the consultation the area needing treatment can be assessed. A large treatment area will have a higher cost associated with it than for a small treatment area.

Healing time in-between each session is necessary but as rough guide your treatment could be complete in 4-6 weeks time.

Yes,  payment can be split over the number of sessions it takes to complete your treatment.

This treatment can be used to disguise or blend many types of scar.

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