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Hair Tattoo Studio Newquay, Cornwall - Like Hair

Like hair.
Hair tattoo studio.
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Newquay | Cornwall

Hair tattooing (micropigmentation) is becoming more and more popular for both men and women as a solution to hair thinning. It can be used alone or to support the visual effectiveness of hair transplant procedures. The treatment involves implanting pigments into the scalp that, when healed, will look just like a hair root would.

A skilled technician can take advantage of the machines and products that have been refined and developed in recent years to allow the creation of superficial tattoos so tiny, that they can imitate single hairs and hair follicles.

Products used to achieve this visual effect can be permanent or semi permanent. The decision is best made at consultation, where your needs and existing hair growth can be assessed and discussed.

Hair enhancement services

There are two different tattoo services ‘Like Hair’ offer; select the service below to discover more and find the right direction for you.

Hi. I'm

As a tattoo artist specialising in cosmetic tattooing, also called micropigmentation, I have been performing procedures in micropigmentation for women for years.

Recognising the huge need to let men know how this could help them too I began to offer this service to men suffering from hair loss. I am proud to offer this service to both men and women and find it rewarding to send somebody away with a smile and a boost of confidence that may have been dampened by hair loss.

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